How to decorate your accent walls? Ideas for bringing coziness and fullness

Интериоир на спалня, морска спалня, синя спалня, пана за акцент, дизайн на спалня

In every space public, or private there are big walls where your eyes will stay for the longest amount of time. And those are the walls appropriate for the use of accents. Those are the areas of the rooms where we intend to focus additionally on.

Such an area is the wall behind the sofa in the living room, the wall behind the headboard in the bedroom, the space behind a reception desk in an office, the wall in front of the chairs at the waiting room, the ceiling in the dentist room, the ceiling in a club, where most of the ground won’t have a decent amount of light.

The classical approach: Pieces of art and Paintings

минималистичен дизайн, интериор на хол, идеи за хол, картини, декорации

The most popular and classic approach is the use of paintings. We recommend to be brave and use bold pieces of art and include a budget for it’s at the beginning of the project since this will be the final touch that will bring fullness and completeness in the design it should not be left unfinished and without a planned budget for it.

The modernist approach: 3D elements in the design

триизмерни елементи, акцент в хола, модернистичен дизайн на хол, мебели за холThe use of 3D elements is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. They allow us to replace the classical flat planes and walls and create instead a feeling of depth and volume. We recommend the 3D elements as the boldest way to create the main accent in the space.

идеи за хол, пано на диван, мебели за хол

3D elements are our favorite decoration tool and we aim to apply them in our interiors in all of their great variety. From what kind of material, you can achieve a 3D volume? Almost from everything, from wooden boxed bend together at a different level, to polyurethane, Styrofoam, ceramics. It can be a whole one-piece custom made panel, or separate elements assembled together, this forming different shapes.

To make the most of the 3D elements and emphasize their volume it is essential to combine them with the appropriate lighting.  It is important that the element is combined with suitable lighting. That is why we pay extra attention to the light around 3D elements to maximize the dramatic feel of volume. Usually, we place projectors or LED-lights spots around the panels.

интериоирен дизайн, хол, идеи за хол, декорацииAnother feature of 3D elements that we love, it that unlike the classical pieces of art like paintings they change every hour, with the natural shift of the light in a room presenting different shapes and shades. Unlike paintings they give more space for the imagination, thus the eye needs more time to get tired from the visual effect.

3D elements can also be a mild detail when they are in the same color as the wall they have behind. In this case, the 3D elements will bring fullness to the wall, with being intrusive.

The budget-friendly approach: use a combination of paint

триъгълници от латекс, идеи за спалнята, ремонт на спалняThere is always a way to have a way, so a low budget should not be an obstacle for the cozy interior, right? Here at project TS08, we worked with a very strict budget, however, this is one of our favorites projects, because it was all a challenge and included a fair amount of brainstorming to combine cozy design with a tight budget. We emphasized the beauty of the colors, by using them in large geometric pieces and chose a very bold one for the middle of the wall while keeping in mind the intersection with the encoring walls and curtains. The bed is in a neutral color, to emphasize the beauty of the yellow.