Interior design

Project types

You can choose the type of interior design service according to your needs and the time you want to devote to its implementation – you take over the control and the implementation process or you provide it to us.

Standard project

Space planning, 3D, drawings
  • Initial meeting to draw up preferences and need of the design assignment
  • Preparation of a drawing (2D sketch) of the current state of the object with the real dimensions
  • Proposal for the space planning
  • 3D visualization
  • Doors, window openings, plasterboard structures, walls changes layout
  • Flooring layout
  • Water supply points layout
  • Baths and toilets floors and walls layout
  • Ceilings and lights layout
  • Sockets and switches layout
  • Custom-made furniture drawings

Complete project

All the documentation needed for the implementation of the 3D design
  • All the services from of Standard Project+
  • Specific selection from the store network of: flooring, sanitary ware, interior doors, wall coverings, plasters, latexes, finishes, decorative elements, friezes, cornices, lighting fixtures, textiles, decorations etc.
  • Selection from the store network of ready-to-bye furniture
  • Submitting inquiries and providing offers from suppliers for the items and materials embedded in the 3D design
  • Queries and offers from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Budget - quality - quantity calculations of the furniture and materials included in the 3D visualization, necessary for the implementation of the 3D design

Project management

Implementation of the approved 3D design
  • Preparation of a detailed assignment for all renovation activities necessary for the realization of the interior design and for obtaining offers from construction companies
  • Ordering supplies for the interior of the object (flooring, plasters, wallpaper, interior doors, lighting fixtures, furniture, textiles, decorations, etc.)
  • Coordination of the delivery of the consumables needed on site for the interior implementation
  • Consulting the builders and engineers in the individual specialties on issues concerning the correct decipherment of the technical documentation
  • Author's supervision - control of the execution of the subcontractors with the compliance of the interior project and drawings. Planned visits on-site.
  • Communication and clarifications with the contracting authority and/or its subcontractors by phone, e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp and/or on-site .
  • Inspecting the final result and submitting to the customer ready-to move in space


Individual assignment
  • Re-decorating a space consultions
  • Re-decorating spaces for short-term AirBnB rentals
  • On-site real estate property viewing and assessment before buying
  • Home renovation shopping in Edirne or Istanbul, Turkey with interior designer
  • Other interior consultations according to the needs of your project