ClientDr. Nadezhda Kuyumdzhieva
Area140 sq.m.

VivaDental Center

I want to feel purity, but not be sterile. To be cozy and for our little patients to feel at ease when they are at the dentist, but still smart-clean enough because the other half of our patients are adults.

About 20 specialized machines need to be powered. – with this assignment, Dr. Nadezhda Kuyumdzhieva came to us after two studios had refused to deal with the “technological hustle” associated with the interior of a dental center.
For us, this sounded like a dream job, because the more technologically challenging a project is, the more interesting it is for us.

In the beautiful cabinets of the offices, is hidden the water, vacuum, and power supplies for sistin, autoclaves, plaster cutters, tooth cutters, and sterilizers are integrated, while we followed up with the procedures for the safety of the surfaces and biological waste in a medical center. 
After the technology, the first thing we tackled was the ceilings, because they are the most noticeable element of the interior of a dental center.

While on the dental chair, the patient spends a lot of time looking at the ceiling. Therefore after the technological hustle, the cabinets and their ceilings were our first priority. To contribute to the overall positive patient experience, we focused on the design of the offices to both exude cleanliness and be cozy and soothing. Therefore, we started the concept with a slightly “naughty” ceiling and used warm wood so as not to introduce coziness.