ClientSoliving Semkovo
Area16 700 sq.m.
StatusDesign competition

Aparthotel co-living Semkovo

Coliving Semkovo is a huge project for converting a 16,700 sq.m. communist abandoned mountain hotel into an international co-living community with 200+ studio and one-bedroom apartments in a remote, natural setting.
The inner space and the building embodied communist brutalist architecture and mid-century modern interior styles characters. Not taking them into account would be naive, while removing the still sturdy and high-quality materials like marble slab tiles and natural wood linings is absolutely unsustainable, so we pay solute to them and upgrade them with a modern touch.
The marble flooring is polished and covered with a custom-made hotel carpet, adding soundproofing, and coziness and mimicking and emphasizing the unique wall mosaic art.
We add more fullness by introducing large custom-made luminaries in brushed brass and applying brass details in the interior of the public spaces.
In the living sections, we created a connecting line of the design, where the three of them are in different bold and easily distinguished colors.
We installed a “Take-a-selfie” sport in the empty corridor space that is cool and dynamic inviting the inhabitants to take a selfie, with a visible logo in the background. The triangular gradient is meant to exemplify the evergreen tree shape.
Room design:
Contemporary, smart-simple design.
From the corridor polyurethane flooring quinines to the kitchen area. This helps to set the lack of connection moldings, wet-resistant material in the entrance and kitchen, and visual and psychological separation of the zones. The floor color of the kitchen and entrance will follow the corridor color, different for the different sections.
Wall protection and decoration with a custom-made graphic of ski-lift and mountain peaks on a folio.
The light and color pallet brightens the space which accents incorporating the brand identity colors.
Plywood is used for the table desk, bed, and library. The diagonal assembly of the oak laminate, both on the floor and wall, widens the space and is in line with the corridor ceiling of the sections.