Area140 sq.m.

The Happiness house

We were fortunate to enjoy the full confidence of the owners and to act on a large scale. Starting from the pulsating heart of the home – the kitchen, which here is bright, elegant, and uncompromisingly memorable, and going through the bold use of characteristic colors, several types of plaster, wall paintings, textures, stone, and wallpapers.
The character of the kitchen sets the main motif in the whole house – life, color, and joy.
Thus, a very bold wall in ultramarine appeared in the corridor, which breaks up the otherwise long 9m. narrow corridor. The interior doors with golden oak and living structure also play a role in this zoning and feeling of completeness. The finish and the WOW effect, as we have always said, come from the lighting fixtures, which should never be compromised and are not a feather to be spared when budgeting.

The House of Happiness is an emanation of our principle – to make Interiors full of life.