ClientBilda Invest Ltd.
Area90 sq.m.

Diagonal apartments

When you do not know who will live in the apartments whose design you are creating, its a really interesting task. This is the case with the ‘Diagonal’ apartments for the real-estate investor Bilda Invest. The apartments are really big and spacious, though, with only one bedroom.

That’s why we created a lot of storage space  and in order to fill the long and endless walls with coziness and warmth, we delineated them diagonally with different textures and colors. Thus, without taking from the volume of the rooms and cluttering them with furniture, while not knowing the needs of future users, we have created coziness.

In this project we allowed ourselves to be really brave and use bold accents, given that the apartments did not assume a family with kids living in there. However we applied the strong colors and shapes outside the cabinet furniture so that they can be easily repainted and the wallpaper can be changed, if necessary.